First impressions last. The first piece of your home to catch the eye of your visitors is often your home’s entryway. The entryway of your home serves as a welcome to guests and sets the tone for the rest of your home.

In many cultures, the front door is considered the mouth of the house and a point where opportunities are found. For this reason, the color of an entryway can have significant meaning. In Feng Shui, a blue door represents prosperity and abundance while a green door symbolizes balance, peace and harmony.

Jazzing up your entryway is done easily and without too large of a financial investment. Simply adding a new coat of paint to your front door will have you wondering why you didn’t take this decorating step sooner. To settle on a color scheme, start by choosing a mood.

To reflect a tranquil mood, blue is often a popular choice. Create a folksy mood to your entryway by adding an antique stain to your door. Use an eye-popping color, such as a deep red or rich turquoise or purple to create a flamboyant, fun atmosphere.

Replace old doormats or house numbers and spruce up your lighting. The entryway of your home is a high-traffic area, so consider replacing or cleaning rugs and doormats often. Adding new light fixtures, like wall scones or high ceiling light to your home’s entryway can work wonders. This is a way to make even the smallest of entryways appear grandiose.

Continue the charming theme through to the inside your home’s entryway, as well. Use mirrors to open up a tight hallway or a wooden hat stand to invite guests to stay a while. Whatever theme you decide to use throughout your entryway, work to keep it clean and tidy.

Finally, realize the need to maintain any improvement or renovation.  Create storage space for shoes and keys inside the entryway. Regularly pressure wash your porch and front steps and remember to implement other tactics that will protect your whole house, as well as your entryway. Avoid water damage and stained siding as well as ruined doors and windows that result from clogged gutters spilling water and debris down your freshly painted entryway. Consider installing the Gutter Pro USA gutter cleaning prevention system to your home to help keep your hard work looking good.