You run in and out of your house everyday – shuttling kids and running errands, but never once do you stop to inspect the condition of your roof. Taking the time to inspect your roof can prevent costly repairs down the road. Your roof is important to the maintenance of your home and is also a big factor in selling it.

Gutter Pro USA suggests that homeowners inspect their rooftops at least twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. Start your inspection inside your home. Look for any areas where the roof is sagging or where there might be signs of water damage or leakage. Start in your attic and work your way down.

Dark spots or trails on your ceiling or walls are signs of water leakage. While in your attic, turn off your flashlight and notice if any outside light is shining through from your roof. If caught early enough, these repairs are easy to fix.

Once you’ve thoroughly checked the inside of your home, move on to the outside. Notice if your roof has any missing shingles or shingles that are badly worn, cracked or torn. In especially humid climates, you may notice dark or greenish stains from algae growth on your shingles – this should be repaired immediately.

Signs of moisture, mold or rot can mean a leaky roof and can result in mildew, fungi or bacteria growth. Mold and bacteria grow quickly where there are water-related problems. Inspecting your roof frequently allows you to act quickly at the first signs of wet spots.

To prevent water from pooling on your roof, make sure your gutters are clean and working properly. A gutter cleaning prevention system will keep gutters free of debris so that water can flow easily from your roof.  For more information about gutter cleaning or what a gutter protection system can do for you, click here.