Although an important task, gutter cleaning is a dangerous responsibility. From falling off of the ladder to cutting your hands on sharp pieces of metal—not to mention the insects you may encounter—cleaning your gutters presents a long list of hazards for which you should be prepared. Odds are that you will get through your gutter cleaning project without incident; however, it is important to protect against injury by using the right safety equipment.

  1. A sturdy ladder is highly important. Falling off of the ladder can result in a long list of injuries, and may even prove fatal. The best option is to use a pressure washer or wet/dry vac with gutter cleaning extensions, but if you must use a ladder make sure it is one that can stand up to the task.
  2. Goggles will shield your eyes from both the sun and the debris that you will encounter. Your gutters may be full of leaves, twigs, pollen, insects, and other items against which your eyes need protection.
  3. Leather or suede gloves will guard your hands against debris and any damaged gutter material. Should you encounter a rip, crack, or hole in your gutters, your hands may be vulnerable to cuts. This is particularly dangerous if the gutters are rusted. Leather or suede gloves, opposed to other materials, are thick and strong enough to protect against any sharp metal.

When cleaning your gutters, remember to make safety a priority. Properly positioning your ladder every few feet, inconvenient as it may be, is important in preventing falls. Additionally, wearing your gloves and goggles will protect your face and hands.

To avoid the task altogether, consider investing in a gutter cleaning prevention system, like the one offered by Gutter Pro USA. Gutter Pro USA’s gutter guards keep debris out of your gutters and keep “gutter cleaning” off of your to-do list.