Gutter cleaning is one of those home maintenance tasks that seems to be put off easily. No matter how good your intentions are, it just won’t seem as important as the other things on your to-do list. Fixing the washing machine, edging the lawn, cleaning the basement—these are just some of the tasks that may take precedent over cleaning out your gutter system.

But then one weekend, while enjoying a few spare minutes on your front porch swing, you may look up and notice rotted wood. Upon further inspection, you might find tiger striping on the sides of your gutters and, after grabbing a ladder, discover that your gutter troughs are full to the hilt with leaves, twigs, pinecones, and other debris. Because water cannot flow properly, it is sloshing over the edges of the gutter system and causing water damage—which can occur anywhere between the roof and the foundation of your house.

This being said, it is easy to see how important regular gutter cleaning is. But how do you make such a task a priority? How do you remind yourself of a project that you need to take on so relatively infrequently?

The best way is to mark your planned gutter cleaning on your calendar. Be it your smartphone’s digital calendar or an old fashioned wall calendar that hangs in your kitchen, you should plan your gutter cleaning and mark it down where you will see it.

You can also schedule to have gutter cleaning professionals come at a set time each season. You will still need to remind yourself of the appointment, but you will not have to make the time to actually clean the gutters—just to pay the bill.

Better yet, you can avoid this task altogether and install a gutter cleaning prevention system. Gutter guards fit over your gutter’s troughs, guiding water through the system and keeping twigs, leaves, pinecones, and other debris out. Call the professionals at GutterPro USA to learn more about the benefits of a gutter cleaning prevention system.