The dangers of cleaning gutters and why gutter guard protection can improve home safety significantly. It is a fact that a home is an unsafe environment. Every year there are thousands of injuries and even deaths from home-related accidents. Kitchens, bathrooms and stairs are probably the most dangerous areas inside a home. Outside the home, falling off ladders is a major contributor, frequently while cleaning gutters. Anything to reduce the risk of accidents and the associated risks of serious injury, permanent incapacity or even death should interest the homeowner.

There are many causes of ladder accidents while cleaning gutters at home. Among these causes are:
1. Instability of the ladder being used. This is often due to uneven ground or an insecure positioning on the roof or against the wall or gutter. There is also the issue of possible damage to walls, roofs and gutters. Secure placement of a ladder can be a frequent issue.

2. Vertigo or dizziness. Many people are suddenly overtaken by dizziness when working at a high height.

3. Poor maintenance of ladders. This can cause the ladder to become weak and break or to become wobbly. Ladders are used for years and can become quite unsafe as a result.

4. Contact with electrical wiring. It could be by accidentally hitting overhead wiring with the ladder or by grabbing overhead wiring while attempting to prevent a fall.

5. Incorrect clothing, which can catch on projections and cause the ladder and anyone standing on it to topple sideways and fall.

These dangers of gutter cleaning become greater with increasing age and infirmity. Even though the person may feel perfectly healthy, a developing condition may show at just the wrong time, in fact, this is the most likely time for such a condition to reveal itself. Individuals older the age of 65 face a much higher risk of accidents. And when someone is on a ladder, what might have otherwise been a minor stumble or fall or just a temporary dizzy spell can quickly become something much more serious.

The invention of gutter guard protection is a blessing for homeowner’s , one which is expected soon to become standard in home building. Not only will protection eliminate the risks associated with cleaning gutters, but it will cut expenses for gutter cleaning and remove a tiresome chore from the homeowner’s long list of home maintenance. However, to achieve these benefits it is important to choose a gutter guard system which works as intended and does not itself become clogged with detritus. Gutter guards which are low, better yet,  no maintenance are therefore essential for peace of mind. A bonus would be if the gutter protection system actually strengthened the guttering, enabling it to withstand more in the way of challenges from the weather!

Home safety should be a prime consideration for a responsible homeowner, even if the savings available are not a major concern. By eliminating a dangerous job, even if it is not that frequent, quality of life is improved as well as greater peace of mind achieved. Such incremental improvements soon build up and allow more time for preferred activities. When the time for a decision arrives, in terms of improved home value, increased safety and reduced expenses and more free time, installing properly-designed gutter guard protection is a smart investment.